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Circe by Madeline Miller


Circe was a nice surprise recommendation from a friend. A fabulous retelling of the Greek mythologies written with elegance, I highly recommend. 


Shunned daughter of Helios, God of the Sun, and Perse, an Oceanid nymph, Circe possesses less beauty and ability than her siblings, and her family and the deities don’t try to hide this from her. Falling in love with a mortal only ends in pain as she successfully has him transformed into a god, who then shuns her as well. Helios banishes her to a remote island where she discovers she is a witch and her powers are such that she can work with nature to bend the world to her will. Not saying any more. Read this!!

Quotes I love

“He never said, What if I go home, and all of it is ash? But I saw the thought in him, living like a second body, and feeding in the dark.”

“It was an enchantment woven into the island itself, every bird and beast and grain of sand, every leaf and rock and drop of water. I marked them, and all the generations in their bellies, with Telegonus’ name. If ever she did break through that smoke, the island would rise up in his defence, the beasts and birds, the branches and rocks, the roots in the earth. Then we would make our stand together.”

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